September 2016

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istanbul autumn

This is the month when a strange summer gave way to the relief of autumn, when it really felt like life started shifting into a different gear. Even though Istanbul autumn is rarely as intense as Boston autumn—the sky isn’t streaked with foliage—it’s a season I’ve always loved because things always change. For the better, I hope.

istanbul autumn

Best Of The Month

My family finally came to Istanbul! They hadn’t visited in 3+ years and it was a thrill to take them to my favorite spots, introduce them to some of my closest friends, and just generally spend time with them.

I also visited Kiev in the beginning of the month and discovered the joys of horseradish vodka and my undying love of borscht.

istanbul autumn

Worst Of The Month

I was quite ill in the middle of the month, which made some personal stuff in my life even more complicated– it’s hard to think when you can’t breathe. Unfortunately it was also a holiday in Turkey then, and apparently the doctors all go on vacation. I did finally see one–the wrong one– who prescribed me some antibiotics, which cleared up whatever was wrong with me.

istanbul autumn

What I’m Loving

Reads: Hillary lent me the new Harry Potter book/play and I read it twice in 24 hours. I remember going to bookstores at midnight to get the new HP novels when I was a teenager; maybe this wasn’t quite the same thrill, but it was pure escapism.

Music: Whenever I’m with Nate, we listen to a lot of hip hop. Since I left Kiev, it seems like that’s most of what I’ve been listening to. So maybe this Nas song is nearly 20 years old. Whatever.

(What music are you loving these days? I need new sounds.)

istanbul autumn

The Film Files

I haven’t been photographing as much as I like, but I’m determined to rediscover my inspiration. I carried a disposable camera around during my family’s visit, just to try something different.

I also finally posted about my collaborative project with my friend Alison, which got a hugely enthusiastic response. It made me want to continue our project– I think we will– and play with double exposures more deliberately.

istanbul autumn


With so much changing inside and out, I wanted to make sure I was in control of some of it. So I started attending a friend’s writing class, which has been immediately inspirational and encouraged me to write more than I have in months. I also learned how to knit, which I am still fantastically bad at but get a lot of pleasure from anyway. I’m that girl who knits on the ferry while listening to hip hop– my life these days…

istanbul autumn


Today I am flying back south to hike more of the Lycian Way! Honestly, after this strange summer, I need it desperately– it’s a reset for my heart. Nothing makes me feel better than chasing adventure with my own two legs.

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  1. Barbara G.
    October 1, 2016

    Katrinka, come knit with me! And you must come to the NY State Sheep & Wool festival in Rhinebeck in two weeks. Oh, my, the sights, the sounds, the smells and the touchy-feely wonderfulness! You’ll be so inspired to keep clicking those needles together.

    Miss you! Barbara G.


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