Amsterdam in Black-and-White

Amsterdam Canal BW My original plan was to shoot only black-and-white film in Amsterdam.

After a very colorful (and color-film-ful) time in Turkey with my family, I wanted to switch it up and use the part of my brain that sees things in monochrome. Shooting black-and-white requires you to notice and emphasize different things than shooting color—line, shape, shadow, contrast. I knew a lot of my pictures in Amsterdam would be of canals and bikes and both of those things would be well served by monochromatic film.

Because my trip was involuntarily extended, I ended up shooting quite a bit of color, too. The color looks great (Amsterdam is, after all, a very photogenic city), but the black-and-whites are something special.

So please enjoy this monochromatic view of Amsterdam. When it comes down to it, I am a photographer—sometimes, the images can say more than my words.

Amsterdam Street

Amsterdam Buildings

Lee and Bikes in Amsterdam

Canal Reflections Amsterdam

Amsterdam Canal Barrier

Amsterdam Swings

Cafe Canal Amsterdam

Amsterdam Bench Shadows

Flat Bicycle Tire Amsterdam

Long Shadows in Amsterdam

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